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Medical Laundry Services

Medical facilities require a higher level of cleanliness and sanitation.  From lab coats, scrubs, sheets, blankets, robes, hospital gowns, towels, and uniforms, there is plenty of dirty laundry daily.  At All Washed Laundry, we will make sure all your medical laundry is handled with the upmost care.  Our healthcare laundry services are available for all of Colorado Springs.  We will use only premium products to wash and dry your medical laundry. 

  • Medical Office
  • Dental Office
  • Massage Therapy
  • Chiropractor
  • Hospital

All your medical laundry will be washed and dried separate from all other orders.  We will neatly fold or hang your items, and everything is wrapped in plastic for delivery. 

All Washed Laundry offers FREE commercial laundry pickup and delivery service in Colorado Springs for all your medical linen service needs. Call us today for a quote or to schedule a free pickup—we'll even give you 20% off regular price on your first order. If you're interested in healthcare laundry services, you can find our contact form at the right.