Laundry Facts

Did you know you should always wash new clothes before you wear them?

October 13, 2022

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New clothes often have a small amount of dye resting on the surface that was not absorbed during the dyeing process. If you do not wash the item before you wear it, that loose dye could transfer onto your skin or other clothes. Most fabrics made from synthetic fibers (polyester, acrylic) are colored with azo-aniline dyes. These dyes can cause severe skin reactions for people, especially small children, who are allergic to them.

There is also no telling if the item was tried on by other people before you bought it. It could carry bacteria or even lice carried by those individuals. Don’t take the chance, wash all new clothes to make sure nothing is lurking in your clothes.

Let us wash all your new clothes for you. Drop off all your laundry at our wash and fold laundry service. We will wash, dry, and fold all your new clothes for you. They will be neatly folded and ready for you to wear. Or the easiest option is for you to schedule our laundry pickup and delivery service. By using All Washed Laundry, your new clothes will be ready to wear and you will have more time to shop.

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